Winery weddings have gained popularity in the last few years and with good reason. South Australia’s wine regions have some of the most stunning wedding venues in the country and with the main regions only 30-45 minutes from the city they are convenient.

Earlier in the year I attended a wedding in the Adelaide Hills and it was definitely one to remember! There is something really special about a winery wedding. Not sure if it is the sunshine, love, vines or wines. The picturesque vineyards of the property, welcoming staff, perfect weather and world renowned wine really made my friends day! This got me thinking, it must require quite a bit of skill to organise a winery wedding given the number of things that could possibly go wrong. I have put together a few handy tips below to help you plan the perfect winery wedding. Vine Guide is also a great resource to help you search for venues and rate and review your experiences.

Pick the right time of year

It is important to be aware of the time of day and the position of the sun, especially with the heat in summer. Make sure there is shelter or a couple of shady trees for your guests. Also, plan where the sun will set you don’t want your guests looking into the sun while the ceremony is happening.  

Choosing a date

Vineyards are a spectacle all year round but keep in mind that each season the vines will be different colours and even bare in some months. Everyone wants the perfect backdrop for their wedding photography. Keep in mind that in Australia the vines are harvested in February-April and are bare in winter months.

The vines will be a beautiful Autumn orange in April and May and green in the Spring/Summer months. If you have your ideal setting in mind, try contacting the venue staff they will should be able to suggest the perfect date.

If you want a variety of different backdrops try to pick a venue that is not too remote and research any other attractions in the area. The Barossa Valley is predominately German settled and has a few heritage towns. If you are after a semi-beach setting, most venues in McLaren Vale are a short drive from the beach.

Be sure to check with your venue to see what is going on in the area at that time so that your guests won’t have a difficult time getting there and also won’t find it hard to get accommodation if required.


Depending on where the majority of your guests live some wine regions could be a bit difficult to get a large group of people out to. It’s a great idea to organise a couple of shuttle buses to and from the venue. We suggest picking 2 main locations to pick guests up from to make it easier for everyone. The Adelaide Hills has some great b&b’s for your guests to stay at. We suggest putting together a list of places for your guests to stay and try to broker some deals with them. The key is to make it as easy for your guests as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

Try to secure your venue as early as possible as winery weddings are hugely popular and with good reason. Do your research – try to style your wedding so that it does not look like all of the other weddings that have taken place at that venue.

Vine Guide is a great resource for planning your Winery Wedding. You can search and filter wedding venues to suit your budget.

Wine and catering

Since you are having your wedding at a winery you will more than likely be drinking wine. Make sure you try the venues wine before booking. If you don’t know much about wine try to ask around other opinion of the wine. Most wineries will not let you bring in alternative wine and unfortunately you will only be able to drink theirs.

Some venues will not have kitchen facilities suitable for large events. This can be a positive as it allows you to bring in your own catering that suits your taste and budget. If you are having a large wedding, we suggest having the bar open before the ceremony to help reduce the pressure on the staff and bar. This will also help you reduce costs as you won’t need extra staff.

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